Hanna Zwerger

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Installation “Store” (germ. net curtain) at the “Jahres­aus­stel­lung 1999 im Kunstpark Ost”, Bayerischen Börse, Munich, in the year 2000. Modeled after an object of daily use “Store” redefines its purpose as a vast sculpture spanning 10 square meters.

Its dimensions are 2 x 5 meters and it is composed of 180 single elements. Those are laminated with photographs (18 x 27 cm) showing a curtain from a low vantage point. For each side of the curtain a different image is used and combined with its mirror image repeated all along. The elements of the curtain are held together by clip-on rings and therefore form a moving structure. The exhibit is presented mounted vertically to the ceiling and can be looked at from both sides.

Although moved and gazed through regularly, a net curtain is hardly ever observed in its true nature: as a membrane separating inside and out—jet permeable to sight. Now the installation “Store” opens a new dimension to the beholder: the “Store” can now be walked around, the photographs offer an unexpected perspective of a day-to-day object. The repetitive use of photographs even takes this further: like patterned draperies the “Store” becomes a textile and fabric-like assembly without losing the relation to its archetype.